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Terms of Use




1. General

1.1.        Ke Ali'i Ocean Villas owners and residents:  Our members are encouraged to respectfully communicate here. We believe in good manners, that friendliness is good manners, and that all have a right to friendliness.  Breaches of these Terms of Use will not be taken lightly and may result in expulsion from further use.

1.2.        The objective of the website is to help build a sense of community.  Any postings that detract from this objective or are divisive in any way will not be tolerated.

2. Basic Guidelines

We believe everyone has something to contribute to the community.

2.2.        We encourage the Spirit of Aloha and the use of friendly netiquette.  "Netiquette" is a term that has sprung up with the explosion of network communications (email, forums, blogs, text messages, etc) where the readers don't have the benefit of facial expressions, tonal inflections, or body language to help them interpret your intentions. So, please, when you are done typing up a message take the time to read it again to see if it might give some readers the wrong impression.

2.5.        AVOID SHOUTING.  The use of all upper-case letters is considered to be shouting in the online world, and it is annoying to many people.  So please turn off that caps-lock key when typing.

We therefore encourage good discussions and interesting contributions, but reserve the right to disable or delete any contributed material at our sole discretion and without any notification to the author.

3. Privacy

3.1.        You may choose, by selections in your User Profile, to share some of your personal information in our online KAOV Directory.  This may include names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and other information. You have complete control over how much, if any, of this information is made available via that Directory. 

3.3.        The KAOV Directory is provided for non-commercial use by KAOV owners and tenants, KAOV board members, our Property Management Company, and our Site Manager.their directors, employees, and agents (including the KAOV Site manager, moderators and administrators of this Site)Although this Site is provided for the enjoyment and benefit of Ke Ali’I Ocean Villas owners and tenants, your participation on this Site is dependent upon your adherence to the spirit of these Terms of Use. 

6.5.        Ownership or tenancy at Ke Ali’I Ocean Villas does not guarantee a right to utilize or participate on this Site.  Users may be precluded from future access to and use of this Site for any reason at the discretion of the Site administrators.

6.6.        We may revise these Terms of Use or our guidelines from time to time.   The new Terms of Use shall be effective when notification of the revision has been posted on our home page.  Your continued use of the Site following any such notification shall be deemed acceptance of the revisions.



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