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Painting A, B, F & G Buildings
Posted on Jan 28th, 2018

Owners are responsible for all personal items to be removed from lanais and front entry areas. All
retractable awnings must be removed prior to the painting of each building. Please note that “sunshades”
do not have to be removed if they are the encapsulated sunshade that has no exterior fabric. Please see
Mike Heller if you are unsure if your awning or sunshades need to be removed. Sky Shades Hawaii, Inc.,
phone number (808) 879-9600, will remove and reinstall the “retractable awnings” for this painting
project.  The cost per unit is $100, plus GET for ground floor and $200, plus GET for upper floor awnings.
If applicable, please coordinate the removal and reinstallation with Sky Shades Hawaii, Inc.
Prior to painting, each building will be pressure washed at which time all windows and doors must be
closed tight.
The duration of the project and order in which the buildings will be painted is yet to be determined. Once we have a final schedule for this project, Owners will be advised accordingly.


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