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These maintenance tips are provided by your neighbors for your benefit.  They are not a substitute for professional advice.  but if you are planning a renovation project, or are handy with tools and inclined to take on such tasks, these tips might be helpful. Hopefully the information found here can help prevent each of us from having to make the same discoveries over and over again as we learn the peculiarities of maintaining our homes.

We have had several instances of termites and other insects (such as small Asian beetles) infesting the built-in cabinets and purchased furniture in our units.  Read here for tips & pictures describing how to recognize their telltale traces.
Rain gutters may be purchased by individual unit owners.  They must be purchased from, and installed by, an approved rain gutter vendor.  There are two approved gutter installation vendors.  Each has provided a bid that may be used to purchase gutters:
  • Rainaway Gutters -  bid valid until 3/29/2014
  • Custom Seamless Raingutters - bid valid until July 1, 2014
    (Aug 15, 2013: Mr. Flavin as requested that anyone sending him email put "ocean villas" in the subject line to help him track customer requests better).
    (May 20, 2013:  Custom seamless Raingutters escinded their original bid due to an error in pricing.  In providing this new bid, Mr. Flavin sent along this message:  "Aloha Jim I am very sorry due to my lack of knowledge of your floor plans I agreed to the wrong footages and will claim error and revise bid for gutters. This was my fault. I should have done my homework.  We have all material in stock and will finish promptly.  Aloha David Flavin")
These vendors are aware of our current house rules regarding gutter installation.  In particular:
  • Rain Gutters must feed into existing downspouts.
  • Gutter design and color must match existing gutters.
NO deviations from our standard installation are permitted.
Scattered throughout your unit (e.g., bedrooms, hallway by laundry) you will find round smoke detectors attached to the ceiling.  Although these detectors are powered by power lines, they also have a backup 9 Volt battery.  If that battery expires your detector will go off.  It is loud.
To avoid having an ear-splitting awakening in the middle of the night, it is recommended that you change your 9 Volt battery each year.  One good way to remember to do so is to change your batteries when the time changes each fall.
The outdoor unit of your air conditioning system is prone to oxidation, both because we are so close to the ocean and because our irrigation water has a high salt content.  Here are some suggestions for protecting your unit to avoid expensive repairs.
A common complaint of owners who have one of the GE Side-By-Side refrigerator models is that the shelving in the freezer section seems too narrow and they ocassionally fall down.  This must be a fairly common occurance because if you call GE they will send you new (slightly wider) shelves, free of charge.

Tile and Grout
If a tile on your lanai or entryway gets cracked or broken you will need to use the same brand and series of tile and grout used throughout the complex when repairing it.  Here are the product specifications for the common tile and grout.

If you are planning a re-tiling project it is good to know what to expect when removing the original tile.  Between the ceramic tile and the plywood subfloor there are several layers that provide waterproofing, anti-cracking, and soundproofing.  In order to maintain their integrity, you will need to repair any damage that may occur to those underlying layers while removing the existing tile.  (more information)
Although you are not permitted to paint your entryway or lanai seperately from the rest of the building, there may be times when you need to do a little touch-up painting there  If so, you must use the same brand and color of paint that the rest of the building is painted with.  Eventually we hope to have a complete list of those paints available on this website.  Until then, however, please contact the On-Site Manager to find out which paint is used on your particulary building.
Do you find yourself turning your shower's faucet hotter and hotter but the water doesn't seem to get any warmer?  If so, you probably have a clogged filter in your faucet.  In an extreme case, you might turn the faucet to full-hot and your water drops down to a small trickle.  Learn how to unclog your faucet here.
Your air conditioner's air handler (the big blower unit in your attic or closet) collects water in a drain pan.  If the water in this pan doesn't drain out properly then it will overflow and cause flood damage to your unit and those below you.  It is simple to ensure it doesn't overflow.  (Learn more)
We have experiences several flood situations caused by the water supply lines under kitchen sinks breaking.  Apparently, the tight space under our kitchen sinks, combined with a short supply line, caused some hoses to be kinked during installation.  Even though installed several years ago, these kinks form a weak spot in the rubber tubing inside those stainless steel supply lines, and eventually give way.  This causes tens of thousands of dollars of damage to lower floor units.  (Learn more)

The KAOV Building Committee relayed that various plumbers have reported that the hot water heater anode rods are becoming expended. To extend the life of your hot water heater, Owners should consider replacing the rods. (Anode rods help prevent the hot water tank from rusting)


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