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Association Related
  • Can I attend Board Meetings?
    Yes!  Regular Board Meetings are announced in advance and owners are invited to attend.  Meeting times and locations are posted on this website and on the bulletin boards in each trash area.  Most of the meetings are held in the Pilikai Room, which is the room in the exercise/pool area.
  • How do I pay my monthly fees?
    If you haven't received a set of monthly payment coupons you may obtain them by contacting our Property Management Company.
  • Why are financial documents password protected
    In the spring of 2013 our Managing Agent reported that they had received news of a growing trend among some sophisticated online hackers.  Those hackers were focusing their efforts on obtaining financial data of homeowners associations, and then attempting to use that information to locate and gain access to the bank accounts of those associations.  The presumption is that homeowners associations are fairly easy to locate (just Google “Homeowner Association Website by HOA Sites” and you will find hundreds) and they tend to have large sums of money in their accounts.

    Assuming hackers may eventually find a way to break into our website and steal our financial documents (Treasurer’s Reports, budgets, et cetera), it was necessary to provide another level of security.  Since all of our financial documents are provided in Adobe’s PDF file format, it was a simple decision to use the encryption mechanism provided by Adobe’s products to make those files useless to anyone who doesn’t possess the passwords.  Of course, this only works if the hackers can’t also obtain (or crack) the passwords.  That is why our passwords are quite long and are composed of lots of weird characters.  It is also why the passwords are emailed to Association members rather than posted in the member-only part of our website.  The decision to use a separate password for each calendar year further reduces the chance of unauthorized access to recent financial documents, including by previous owners.

    Of course, this added security comes with a cost.  Anyone wishing to view financial data must remember where they put the email containing the passwords.  Then they must copy the correct password from that email and paste it into the dialog box prompting for a password when opening each document.

    For anyone wondering about the gory details, Adobe PDF files use 256-bit AES encryption.

Facilities & Parking
  • When can the pool be used?
    The pool hours are 8:00am to 9:00pm each day.
  • When is trash pickup?
    Trash and recycle is picked up each Monday and Thursday.
  • Where should guests park?
    There are marked guest stalls close to each building.  Some buildings, like A and B, have only one guest stall, so guests are encouraged to park on the street.


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