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This page contains links to:
  1. Public Documents
  2. Protected (owner or resident access) Documents
  3. Board Confidential Documents
  4. Links to outside resources of interest
Public Documents
Governing Documents -
Owners Meeting & Board Meeting Notices & Minutes -
Publicly Viewable Reports -
Miscellaneous -
Protected Documents
Financial Document Passwords

To enhance the security of our financial data those documents have been secured with very long passwords.  Everyone with an account on this website should have received an email containing these passwords.  If you haven’t received your email, or if you have misplaced it, please contact the website administrator via the “Contact Us” link to the left to obtain them.
For more information about the password protection, please follow the "FAQs" link to the left.
  Web Administrator
(You must have an account to access these documents).
Reports/Audits -
Committees -
Board Confidential
Board Confidential Document

The information in this section is confidential and accessible only to the Board of Directors.  These documents are encrypted with pass-phrases distributed only to Directors.
Links to Outside Information of Interest
The links below are links to resources outside of Ke Ali'i Ocean Villa's website.  For instance, the Hawaii Revised Statutes links go to Hawaii state web pages.  I couldn't find an official Maui County website with the Maui County Code, so those links go to a private firm's website (
  • Maui County Code
    • See Chapter 19 for Zoning definitions (including "Transient Housing")
    • If you don't see a long table on contents on the left, click "Show TOC" in the menu bar.


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