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 Governing Documents
The following Acts / Statutes impact our Governing Documents
The following ballot and supporting information was sent out to owners on December 21, 2012.
View Corridor Agreement (Kamaole Heights)
In order to build Ke Ali'i Ocean Villas the developer entered into an agreement with the homeowners association directly up-hill from our property, called "Kamaole Heights".  The agreement establishes certain restrictions that carry with the land, such as landscaping height restrictions and prohibition of short term rentals or timeshares.
This is the actual agreement:
Here is an in-house report on the view corridor, complete with illustrations:
House Rules, Architectural Standards and Procedures, & Associated Documents/Forms
Note that the house rules start with the document called "House Rules" but that document incorporates several other documents and forms into the house rules by reference.  This is the entire set of related documents and forms.
Policies Document
Insurance Information
Miscellaneous Forms



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