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Ke Ali'i Ocean Villas Board Information
Office Name Address Term
President  Ron Riccio  H302 2019
Vice President  Paul Arsuaga  A104 2018
Secretary  Pam Andersen  Q102 2018
Treasurer  Larry Ness  P105 2018
Director  Nik Binder  G104 2019
Director  Jim Marovich  L304 2018*
Director  Vacant as of Feb 1, 2018   2018*
*Director Marovich was appointed by the  Board to fill a vacancy until March 10, 2018.   Two directors  will be elected at Annual Owners Meeting to serve the remaining two years of the open terms to 2020.
Please use the KAOV Directory to obtain contact information for each board member,
or use our Contact Us page to send email to individual officers or the entire board.
Board and Homeowners Association related documents, including meeting minutes, reports, association regime documents, and by-laws may be found on our Docs, Forms & Reports page.

Board Confidential Information
The following information is accessible to Boardmembers only: Board Confidential


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