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~ Welcome ~
Welcome to the Ke Ali'i Ocean Villas Website
Helping us stay in touch with our neighbors and friends.
Ballot Initiatives
Ballot to amend Section 16.1 (a, b, c, f) of the Declaration of Condominium Property Regime.  This ballot is currently at 43% and needs 67% in order to pass.  The estimated cost to the AOAO should this ballot not pass is estimated by the Building Committee to range between $30,000-$50,000 per year.  This would greatly impact monthly AOAO dues as funds would be needed to perform unnecessary inspections of utilities in the upcoming years.  (Copy of Ballot Package to Amend Declaration 16.1)
Ballot to Incorporate the Association as a 'non-profit corporation'.  The advantage of incorporating is that it creates a “corporate shield”  to protect the individual personal assets of the Owners in the event that the Association is faced with a large judgment or other legal obligation that  can’t be paid from Association funds or that the Association members were “jointly and severally” named liable for the entire judgment.  (Copy of Ballot Package to Incorporate KAOV AOAO)
The Board is recommending that Owners  approve both of these very important ballot initiatives.  We are asking that you return your ballots as quickly as possible, preferably before September 15th. Questions or concerns regarding either ballot may be directed to the KAOV Board (link).
The KAOV Building Committee relayed that various plumbers have reported that the hot water heater anode rods are becoming expended. To extend the life of your hot water heater, Owners should consider replacing the rods. (Anode rods help prevent the hot water tank from rusting)
Electric Vehicles
The Board of Directors approved specifications outlined by the AdHoc EV Charging Committee & Building Committee which allow owners to install Personal Power Meters in their garages as a means to charge their electric vehicles (EV).   Installation requires approval – please refer to new Architectural Standards and Procedures V4-3 Section 2.05A.
Do No Solicit List 
For Owners who do not wish to be disturbed or solicited during proxy season- This form can be found on the KAOV website (link).  Print out, complete and return to Site Manager.
House Rules V3.3
Updated version includes clarifications of “Guest” vs “Visitor” and Guest Registration (§1.01 & §3.01), Garages (§1.13), Leases (§1.14), Open House signage (§ 1.15) and Parking (§2.03).
We are still in midst of Hurricane season.  The recent tropical storms that have recently skirted the islands serve as a reminder to all to review your own personal emergency preparedness plans.  County of Maui link, KAOV Emergency Preparedness link
Aug 20 Added Draft minutes of the August 3, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting and Owners Forum
Aug 6  Added Approved Minutes of June 16, 2017 Special Board of Directors Meeting
Aug 6  Added Approved Minutes of May 18, 2017 Regular Board of Directors Mtg & Owners Forum
Jul 30  Added Agenda and Reports for the August 3, 2017 Regular BoD Meeting
                   (possible House Rule/ Architectural Standard & Procedure Change)
Jun 21 Added Draft minutes of the June 16, 2017 Special Board of Directors Meeting  
Jun 13 Added Special Board of Directors Meeting (June 16th- 1pm) to Event Calendar below
~ News ~
DMI New Address
Posted on Aug 30th, 2017
Destination Maui, Inc (DMI - Managing Agent)
380 Huku Li'i Place, Ste 206
Kihei, HI  96753
Phone: 808-244-9021    Fax: 808-875-8003

~ Surveys ~
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~ Upcoming Events ~
Regular Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, November 9th at Pili Kai Meeting Room
Owners Forum at 1:00pm, Board meeting to follow.
Regular Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, February 1st at Pili Kai Meeting Room
Owners Forum at 1:00pm, Board meeting to follow.
Annual Owners Meeting
Saturday, March 10th at Kihei Community Center
Registration begins at 9:30am, call to order at 10:00am.   Owners Forum will begin after Annual Owners Meeting and Board of Directors Organizational meeting.

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